Friday, August 8, 2008

Asian Salad (sorry about the lack of pics)

When I was fourteen or fifteen my mom took me to The Garden, which sits on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building in SLC. I ordered an Asian Sesame salad, which has obviously left a big enough impression to be blogging about it now. It was so good that I would just CRAVE it. Everytime I made it up there, it was the only thing I ordered. I've never been able to completely recreate it, but this is my best attempt. When making salads, try using the freshest ingredients you can, it can really determine how good your salad turns out.

(I didn't post measurements because it's a salad and I trust you can figure it out yourself)
Any salad greens
drained mandarine oranges
grilled chicken, sliced (if you're not in the mood to grill chicken, you can purchase it sliced and grilled already, it's in the lunchmeat section)
sliced almonds
cooked rice noodles (reg spaghetti, or soba noodles work too)
sliced scallions
red pepper sliced
chow mein noddles
sugar snap peas
favorite asian sesame dressing (there are a lot of good ones out there, and regular peanut sauce would work too)

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