Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

If you look WAAAAAY down on my side bar, you'll find a list of foods that I'm particularly in love with. Of course, I could make that list go on for days, but these food in particular are ones that I could probably eat for days on end with a smile on my ever expanding face! Pulled pork sandwiches are definitely one of them, how I love them. I love them so much that my cousins prepared a beautiful lunch for me, featuring pulled pork sammies on my birthday! However, as much as I love them, I had gone years without ever making pulled pork myself, so this was my first attempt, and it's a winner!

I first had this particular recipe at my mom's house over Christmas, and it was so good that I knew that I was going to have to try it myself. It's a Paula Deen recipe (we love Paula Deen), and it requires a few steps, but trust me when I say that every minute is worth it. My mom prepared this in her pressure cooker, but I don't have one, so I just used my crock pot, and I think Paula Deen instructs you to roast in the oven, so really you could do whatever you prefer. What I really loved about these sandwiches though is that after you pile on your pork, which is dripping in flavor, you then slather on your BBQ sauce, and top with a big fat scoop of tangy coleslaw, is your mouth watering yet? AND, if you plan to make this for guests, etc, you can make this days in advance, shred it, freeze it and then you only have a few minutes of preparation the day of your party. I can't say enough good about this recipe, if you like pulled pork at all, you must try this!

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Adapted from a recipe by Paula Deen


Dry rub:
2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons black pepper
2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
2 tablespoons paprika
1/2 tablespoon cayenne
4 pound shoulder pork roast
2 cup apple juice
1 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons Worcestershire
1/2 tablespoon liquid smoke
1/2 tablespoon garlic powder

6 Kaiser rolls
BBQ sauce
Cole slaw (for the coleslaw, I completely cheated and bought the premade bags with a bottle of dressing. You could take it a step further and just buy some from your deli counter).


Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Mix the dry rub ingredients in small bowl. Sprinkle dry rub all over the pork roast, pressing into the pork. Cover with plastic and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (I just did it overnight).

Combine liquid ingredients and the garlic powder in a medium bowl and pour into a large Dutch oven. Place pork in the oven and tightly cover with aluminum foil then lid. Roast for 4 hours or until fork tender and shreds easily. Brush the roast with cooking liquid every hour. I had this in my crock pot on high for about 8 hours, I just kept in in until it was falling apart. It will smell a little funky while your cooking it, but it tastes so good.

Remove from oven and let stand until cool enough to handle. Shred the pork with forks or tongs until in bite sized pieces. Serve on Kaiser rolls, top with favorite BBQ sauce and coleslaw, wear a bib!


I'm having so much fun reading "You Know You're a Foodie When..." Keep them coming, even if you've already posted some, and I'll have them up soon!


Melanie said...

Yum, I agree that pulled pork is high on the list of great foods. This recipe looks fantastic!

Rebekah said...

this is one of my all time favorites. it takes me back home to NC. Thanks!! i can't wait to try this!

Netts Nook said...

Your sandwich looks like it came from Famous Dave's. Just kidding way better. Love the coleslaw on top just like Kansas City.

Heidi said...

This looks so good! I also love pulled pork and the slaw just takes it over the top! Thanks for the great recipe. I will use this one next time.

Pam said...

Pulled pork sandwiches are high on my favorite list too...yours look and sound outstanding.

the ungourmet said...

I never think to make pulled pork, I don't know why because I really do love it! Your recipe for it looks great!

My husband hates cabbage though, so I can't do the coleslaw.

Donna-FFW said...

Oh, yes, thisis one of my all time favs.. I havent tried Pauala deens however. I will have to try hers next.. looks wonderful..

Kristen said...

I'd like to try this with chicken or a bit of beef (I have an intolerance to pork), but I think the meat substitution could work nicely and taste good

Jenn said...

Cool site you've got!

Now as for that pulled pork sammie. I believe we're going to be good friends. =)

Pork + bread = a good time!!

MaryBeth said...

OMG...can you say DROOL??? Please come by my blog and enter my new cookbook giveaway!

girlichef said...

I'm totally in love with pulled pork! I blogged some pulled pork sandwiches a while back, too! YUMMY!

Stacey said...

Yay! These were so good! I can't wait to make them!

Elyse said...

I'm a huge fan of pulled pork sandwiches. I went to UNC for undergrad; having not lived in the state of NC before, I did not realize that BBQ was such a huge deal. After living there, I now know, and man, does pulled pork have the ability to make my mouth water! Can't wait to try this recipe :)

Melissa said...

This is my favorite sandwich in the whole wide world! Looks amazing!!!

Coleen's Recipes said...

I love pulled pork sandwiches, I'm going to try this one, thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

I love pulled pork, I always make it in my crockpot and it comes out great that way! This version looks delicious.

Ingrid said...

LOVE pulled pork though to be honest most pork dishes are winners for me.

Thanks for sharing the recipe. We'll be eating this for dinner on Friday.

Anonymous said...

I looove Paula Deen too!
cn you believe I've never ever tried pulled pork sandwiches before? time to put an end to that!

Melody said...

That looks so good and the coleslaw is like the icing on the cake. Tasty!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Pulled pork is high on my list too and this sandwich looks so gooood!!!!

Alissa said...

Oh YES! I'm so glad you posted this! I've been dreaming about this sandwich from the first moment I tasted it! I even described it in length to Ben and HE was drooling! Thanks! YUM!

li'l mil said...

THIS is going to be a summer staple at our place, I guar-un-tee it! SO GOOD. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Do you know if you can make a huge batch of this and freeze it? I'm thinking it might end up with a weird consistency...but what are your thoughts? If I froze it in portion-sized bags and just thawed out a few at a time...?

li'l mil said...

Um, okay, I'm a loser. I just reread your post and you totally talk about freezing it. :) Thanks for anticipating my question and answering it without even knowing it! HA.

jor said...

I'm going to try this tonight "jordan style" which means it all just gets dumped in the crock pot today...no overnight marinating or anything and I don't have apple juice either. I will let you know how it works...haha!

Ingrid said...

Hey, lady! I've got this already to go for tomorrow's dinner! :)

Ingrid said...

Hi, again! THANK YOU! This was a HUGE hit with the family...no complaints. Seriously, I've made pulled pork many times but this one was without a doubt the best flavored one. I didn't even need BBQ sauce!