Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thai Chicken Wraps

*Hey all! I just wanted to let you know, my computer is giving me total attitude and has made it very difficult to go food blog surfing. I'm telling you this because I haven't been able to leave comments the way I like to. Computer and I need to duke it out some more and hopefully I'll be back soon!

Not too long ago I ordered a wrap really similar to this at T.G.I. Fridays. They have a $5 deal going on for the rest of this month, so if you're looking for a cheap date, or lunch, it's not too bad.

Anyway, the entire time I was eating it I kept thinking to myself how easily I could make something like this at home with ingredients I already had in my fridge. So a few days later, I whipped one up. It was light, healthy and absolutely scrumptious.

Thai Chicken Wraps


Spinach or flour tortillas
Diced or shredded chicken
chopped lettuce
chopped tomato
chopped green onion
sliced red pepper
cooked soba or spaghetti noodles (I put a little less than 1/4 cup on each wrap)
chopped peanuts
chopped cilantro
hoisin sauce
peanut sauce
sweet chili sauce


Mix sauces to taste, there is no wrong way to put the sauce together, it all tastes delicious! Lay out tortilla, assemble all ingredients pouring sauce on first and last, and maybe leaving a little left to dip! Wrap tightly, cut in half if desired and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This looks like it would be a very tasty and healthy meal...and I think I already have all the ingredients in my fridge. I guess I know what I'm serving for dinner tonight. Thanks!! :)

doggybloggy said...

hey teresa this wrap looks like the perfect lunch....

Reeni♥ said...

This looks great! Way better than anything you can buy. A lot of people are having trouble even seeing some blogs. It has something to do with Internet Explorer, installing Mozilla Firefox worked for my friend. All of her problems disappeared and she loves it.

Barbara Bakes said...

Sorry about the computer troubles - so frustrating! The wrap looks delicious I may have to head to TGIF and try one!

Jenn said...

Ah computers. it's always a love/hate relationship.

What a better way to save 5 bucks than making the homemade way. Nice! Looks delish!!

Anonymous said...

looks mighty tasty! I hope you fix your computer troubles, BEHAVE!

Donna-FFW said...

This looks absolutely delicious teresa. Love the thai flavors going on.. My computer has been acting up today also..I can not get onto certain blogs.

Elyse said...

Mmm, I love a good wrap. Especially when that wrap involves the words "Thai chicken." These wraps look delicious AND nutritious--a stellar combo, if you ask me :)

Katy said...

We have 2 computers in this house, and we both use a different internet browser. I used Sweetie-Pi's computer yesterday and could not get onto any blogs; all my favs were aborted.

I came upstairs to my office and was able to connect with everyone.

The only difference that I can see? He uses Google and I use Mozilla Firefox browser. I don't know if that's really what makes the difference, but let me toss that observation into the ring.

Anyway, your wrap looks like the delicious copycat! Much, much nicer to be able to make them at home. Good on ya for being able to put it all together and sharing with us!

I can absolutely, positively see us having this here. Love all the fresh veggies in this one.

Kristen said...

I love a taste of Thai, this sounds like something I'd really enjoy - good job copycatting :o)

girlichef said...

Oh man, so many delicious flavors wrapped into one! Yum! I'm having problems reading some blogs, too:( Trying to work it out on my end...argh.

Netts Nook said...

What a wrap Teresa this one is a real keeper thanks for sharing hugs.

Aggie said...

What a great wrap to make at home!

So glad you stopped by my blog!! I read your profile and can to eat but am trying to keep it healthy. Great blog!

Sara said...

I love the sound of that wrap! I love thai food, I definitely want to try this one.

from my motorhome to yours said...

really love your blog, and these wraps look killer, I am having a giveaway you might like its over on monday!!

Leslie said...

I was having issues too. I think it has to do with Internet eXPLORER. A bunch of people couldnt get on my blog either.

Chow and Chatter said...

looks good good luck with computer lol

Pam said...

What a clever recipe! It looks really tasty - love the flavors you used.