Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chicken, with Tomatoes and Rice

I have to apologize because I found this recipe in a magazine that I can no longer find, so I'm not going to be able to give you the exact recipe, but I had to share it with you anyway because it's so good, and really easy to do without a recipe.

By making this meal, I discovered just how easy it is to turn regular rice into something so yummy. It doesn't take much either. In this recipe it called for simple additions and changes like blending herbs such as garlic, parsely, cilantro and scallions into a thin paste and adding them to your rice. Use chicken broth instead of water. Add mushrooms and slivered almonds, and don't be afraid to try different kinds of rices. I used arborio, which was so creamy and had a thicker texture. There a several different kinds to try. Cook your rice with just as much liquid as normal, for just as long as normal.
*If you are going to "wing it" with your rice, which you should, it's pretty hard to screw up, just be sure to add enough salt, otherwise it may come out tasting a little funky.
This recipe also called for the chicken to be cooked on the skillet, but I chose to coat it in basil oil (or just reg olive oil), s&p and roast it at 425 until cooked through. It comes out so tender and juicy.
The tomatoes were cherry tomatoes that I sliced in half and sauteed with garlic and fresh parsely until tomatoes are slightly softed and heated through.
Combine all three with some crusty bread makes for a very healthy and crowd pleasing meal.
If you'd rather have the real recipe rather then my artistic version of it (not that I blame you), I believe I found it in the July issue of Cooking Light. Hope you enjoy!

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