Sunday, August 17, 2008

If you are a Chocolate Lover!

And I am actually not a huge chocolate fanatic, but I still LOVE these brownies! When it comes to brand named foods, sometimes it matter, sometimes it doesn't. In this case, it really matters! We've tried a lot of different brownie mixes (my husband doesn't have a sweet tooth, he has sweet TEETH, he could eat sweets all day long), and the Ghiradelli brand is the very best, particularly the Triple Chocolate. With a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, or mint chocolate chip if you like to be difficult like me, you have the best Sunday afternoon dessert.
What's your favorite dessert?


jor said...

These are Ben's fav too. They sell them in a huge box and Costco and he always stops to look at them. I've never bought them there because I know we'd be making them like every other day just because we had the mix!

The Sayer Family said...

I'll have to try these. Brownies are a food group of their own in our house!

Andrea said...

The picture looks so yummy, I may just start muching on the box! My husband has NO sweet teeth at all- (which makes life difficult for me- because then all of the sweets are left for me and Cara to eat- not good.)But, the one exception to his rule is brownies! So, I will definitely try these- they sound awesome!