Monday, March 9, 2009

Sliders with Onion Relish

Hey there! Since spring is almost here, and the weather is getting warmer, I thought I would post an "outdoor friendly" kind of meal, because what is better to eat outside on a picnic table, then a juicy, hot hamburger, or in this case, a slider! We really love to eat sliders at our house, I don't know what it is about these mini burgers, but they just seem to hit the spot that much better then a regular sized hamburger, I think it's because there is so much more flavor concentrated in that thin grilled piece of meat. I think it's also because our kids feel like we have gone out of our way to make food that fits into their chubby little kid sized hands! There is really no recipe when it comes to making sliders (probably another reason I love them), but here is a guideline to how we make ours!

1 lb of ground beef
1 palmful onion powder
1 palmful onion flakes
1 palmful garlic powder
1/2 palmful seasoned salt
several grinds black pepper
2-3 shakes Worcestershire sauce
1 package potato rolls (the softer and smaller, the better!)

Combine all ingredients until well blended. Heat your grill, grill pan, or skillet (I just use my electric skillet, but anything would work). Form your patties to be very thin, but just slightly larger around then your potato roll (they will shrink when you cook them). Cook how you like them (with them being so thin though, I usually just cook them either medium well, or just well done). Place on potato roll with onion relish.

I believe the onion relish was an idea I got watching Michael Chiarello about a year ago (love that guy!). It's the easiest thing you'll ever do in your life.

1 onion thinly sliced
1 part ketchup
1 part mustard (this all depends on how saucy you want it and how you want it to taste)

Saute onions until soft. Combine ketchup and mustard in a bowl, add onions, serve hot. This would also be dynamite on your grilled hotdogs!

Ah, summer food! Bring on the sun, the heat, the pool and the Diet Coke!


Melissa said...

Those look great! They would be perfect for our Friday movie night dinner.

MaryBeth said...

That looks wonderful, and makes me want a slider and fries.

Sara said...

These look great, I love sliders! You reminded me that I need to make them again :)

Anonymous said...

They do look good! Except I would leave out the onions! :D

Pam said...

What an excellent meal - you can't beat sliders. I love the onion relish.

Zesty Cook said...

I would be all over these for a night of treats! They look delicious!

Netts Nook said...

Teresa: I love sliders yours look great I can't wait to try the relish.
They look yummy.

Donna-FFW said...

Sliders, I love them.. These sound delicious with that relish.. doyou have a follow button thingie.. Id like to follow.. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can keep up. Love your stuff

li'l mil said...

Can you do a mini-milkshake with those? Like on Iron Chef? I LOVE when they do those! I just want to see you post about mini-milkshakes.

Maria said...

I am ready for summer too, why is it still cold?