Saturday, May 30, 2009

Potato Salad and other good things

When I think of summer foods, I think of potato salad. Then I think of hamburgers, hotdogs and apple pie, but potato salad is always first. What is it about that salad that just exudes summer, barbecues and picnics? It probably all boils (ha, no pun intended) down to the fact that it's just so darn good.

This potato salad definitely came with some inspiration. A while back Kim at The UnGourmet (a killer site that you must absolutely visit), posted her potato salad, and hallelujah she puts bacon in it! Now, perhaps I have actually been living under a rock for several years, but this was the first time I had ever seen bacon in a potato salad, and I found it to be genius! So, here is my version of potato salad with bacon, tweaked to accommodate the ingredients I already had. The entire batch was gone by the end of the day, pretty good review I'd say!

Potato Salad-ala Teresa'a cupboard!


8-10 red potatoes, boiled and cubed (don't peel, the skin is so tender after boiling, you won't need to)
4-6 boiled eggs, boiled, peeled and cubed
2-3 dill pickled cubed
1/2 can olives chopped
3-4 stalks celery, chopped
4 slices thick bacon cooked, dried and chopped
1 1/2 cups mayo
1/4 cup mustard
1-2 teaspoons horseradish
1-2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1-2 teaspoons seasoned salt
1-2 teaspoons black pepper


Combine potatoes, eggs, pickles, olives and bacon. In a seperate bowl combine dressing ingredients, be sure to adjust according to taste and how much dressing you want. Combine dressing and salad, and top with a sprinkling of seasoned salt.

Enjoy with a cold drink and something hot off the grill!

I also have to share a long overdue award I received from Jenn at Bread + Butter. Isn't Jenn cool? I'm always amazed at the foods she posts everyday, they're so mouthwatering! Thanks Jenn!

This award is to be passed to ten other bloggers. I'm going to pass this on to the following:

1. Emaline at The Open Pantry
2. The gals at Three on Food
3. Michele at My Italian Grandmother
4. Barbara at Barbara Bakes
5. Katherine at Smoky Mountain Cafe
6. Elizabeth at Elizabeth's Edible Experience
7. Kristen at Watcha-Eatin?
8. Reeni at Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice
9. Kim at The Ungourmet
10. Elyse at Elyse's Confectionery Creations

All of these bloggers are fantastic and deserving of a lot of attention. Of course, I could say that for all of you, I love my food bloggy friends!


Michele said...

Thank you so much Teresa!!!! I'm so bad about memes and awards! I need to get on that! Thank you!!!

I never had bacon in potato salad either. I am bringing potato salad to a bbq next week maybe I'll throw in some bacon??? Everything is better with bacon, right? :-)

the ungourmet said...


Your potato salad looks delicious. I am loving the horseradish in there!

Thanks so much for thinking of me for the lovely blog award! Oh, and congrats on your award also.:0)

Jenn said...

Your welcome!!! =) You deserve the award. Plus, I love coming here all the time.

Potato salad is definitely a summer dish. I'm hoping the to make some soon. But the the weather is telling me otherwise.

Kristen said...

Thank you so much Teresa! I appreciate it :o) I'll have to check out the other blogs you mentioned, I bet they have some delicious recipes on their sites!

Reeni♥ said...

Your potato salad looks great! I've never put olives or pickles in mine - great ideas for flavor.

Your so sweet for passing on your award and so deserving of it yourself!

Anonymous said...

Bacon+Potato = one awesome potato salad!

So many new links - and so many good food blogs, just not enough time to read them all!

Happy Monday!

Katy ~ said...

Teresa, I am just so delighted that you received an award! How fun!!

We love potato salad here, eat it year round!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! I am honored!

Erica said...

I have never tried to make tato salad! Yours looks freaking awesome. A great way to kick off June

Donna-FFW said...

Teresa.. delicious potato salad, and brilliant addition with the bacon. Love the items you chose to dress it with also.

Congrats on your award, you DO have a lovely blog!

Sara said...

Bacon makes everything better! Congrats on the award.

Lara said...

I'm not normally such a fan of potato salad, but with bacon added in I might actually enjoy it more. It looks like a great recipe!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I add bacon to potato salad from time to time, just depends on my mood. But the horseradish is one amazing ingredient i never thought of! I can't wait to try this, my husband will flip!

Congrats on the award you are so deserving! Thank you for thinking of me when you passed it on. I am am very flattered.

girlichef said...

Yum, sounds delish. I add bacon to tater salad, too...cuz really, bacon makes everything better :)

Melissa said...

That's not your everyday potato salad...looks delicious!!

Pam said...

I love olives in my potato salad - your version looks and sounds delicious.

Rachel said...

The ingredients in this sound fantastic--especially the bacon! I'm not a huge fan of store bought potato salad, but I love a good homemade version! I need to make sure I pass this recipe on to my sister!!!!

Debbie said...

Potato salad is such a summer dish to me. Yours looks good!!!

Anonymous said...

bacon in potato salad! well, bacon makes everything better! tee hee~ but when I think summer, I just think of grilled burgers!
congrats on the award!

Kathy said...

Oh, I LOVE bacon in my potato salads!!! Yummm... Really, I love any potato salad!!! Yours looks great! Thanks so much for the award!!! What a nice surprise!!! Sorry, I haven't been around lately!!! Things are so crazy around here with 4 kids ending school. I'm hoping things will slow down after our much needed vacation! Thanks again!!! :o)

Denise said...

This is the perfect dinner. Yum